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I’m Richard Ward, CFP® and author of Redefining Retirement: Finding Passion and Purpose for Your Second Half. I have a vision of creating a better, stronger community by directing our time, talent and treasures to help others learn, grow and thrive.

Success With Purpose Giving Circle

Giving Circle

My Vision:

My vision is to create a community of generous leaders who are dedicated to living their own richer lives as well as to sharing this vision with the intent of attracting others to join us. This community will help change our society by creating even more impact-driven leaders dedicated to helping others learn, grow, and thrive. They lead by their example of volunteering, mentoring, and supporting important causes and organizations throughout our community. This community is also dedicated to learning, growing, and increasing its impact through its leadership and generous support of our nonprofit community. I refer to this group as our Success with Purpose Community and look forward to the many ways that it will make life better for so many in Southern California.

This community will get together quarterly to hear more stories from those living a richer life and to support our amazing Orange County nonprofits. We’ll hear from several organizations nominated by our members and then select one to make a significant grant. Mark your calendar now to join us September 12th at 5:30 PM at Andrei’s Conscious Cuisine in Irvine.

Home for our growing community is www.successwithpurpose.org. Keep informed about your colleagues and our amazing nonprofits here, as well as link to our Success with Purpose giving circle to make quarterly donations (I’m asking $100 per quarter) to fund our quarterly grant.

Thank you for your support and your leadership in growing this wonderful community. I look forward to learning from more of your stories as well as from the many nonprofits you want to support. Please let me know how I can support your journey to a richer life.

Let’s Change the World

Richard J. Ward, CFP®

Living a Richer Life - Real Stories of Lasting Impact

Finding and living your unique purpose to great reward is what I mean by “Living a Richer Life’. It is often realized when using one’s skills, experiences and resources to help others learn, grow, and thrive. When done well, we can become richer in terms of caring relationships, personal satisfaction, business success, and lifetime impact and legacy. These rewards are so much greater than merely amassing money or property. These rewards are created by effectively turning money, property, knowledge, skills and experience into life changing efforts that alter the future for so many. If done very well, these efforts ultimately help create a new generation of successful people who can also “pay if forward” by similarly helping even more.

About Richard

Richard Ward is a Certified Financial Planner™ with a passion for helping people find their purpose in life. Richard believes that the secret to living life well and leaving a lasting legacy is found by making contributions in our communities that help others prosper.

My Philanthropic Values

I believe that some of the greatest rewards in life are earned while helping others grow, thrive, and prosper; philanthropy is a huge part of my life! As such, I thought it might be a good idea to share more details around my views on philanthropy, particularly how and where I give to implement my philanthropic strategy and goals.

There are many ways to help our community
and get involved.

Having purpose is important for all of us. Many people are finding fulfillment in their second half of life and redefining their retirement through charitable engagement and involvement.



Richard serves on the Advisory Committee helping to launch the Encore Program across Orange County in 2018. OneOC provides volunteer, training, consulting and business services for nonprofits to help them become as efficient and effective as they are passionate about their missions. OneOC’s Encore Program matches volunteers’ skills with nonprofit organizations in order to address key organizational needs and projects or objectives.

Find volunteer opportunities and learn about local nonprofits on their website or Facebook page.

Orange County United Way

Orange County United Way envisions an Orange County where every person receives a quality education, is financially stable, is healthy and thriving, and has a place to call home. Hands on, Orange County United Way delivers more than 50 Community Impact programs countywide and focuses on long-term solutions to the most critical interconnected challenges facing children and families right here in Orange County.

As the nation responds to the outbreak of COVID-19, Orange County United Way is hard at work to raise much-needed dollars for its Pandemic Relief Efforts, which supports low-income individuals and families at imminent risk of homelessness, the current OC population experiencing homelessness, low-income students, and partner non-profits. In this time of need and uncertainty, we are all united.

To make a donation to the Pandemic Relief Fund, visit GoFundMe.

To learn more or do more with Orange County United Way, visit their website.


United Way Orange County
Meals on Wheels Orange County

Meals on Wheels Orange County

Since 1967, Community SeniorServ Inc., dba Meals on Wheels Orange County has offered nourishing care and life-enriching experiences for the well-being of at-risk older adults and their
families. As the largest nonprofit provider of older adult nutrition and support services in Orange County, they serve nearly one million meals to over 10,000 at-risk older adults annually through 23 senior and community centers, home-delivered meals and a support network of over 600 volunteers.

Meals on Wheels OC is committed to erasing hunger and loneliness for older adults through nutritious meals, therapeutic care, social connections, home visits, and other services that help them maintain their independence and quality of life.

To learn more and get involved, please visit their website, Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter.

Mercy House

Mercy House provides housing and comprehensive supportive services for a variety of homeless populations which includes families, adult men and women, mothers and their children, persons living with HIV/AIDS, individuals overcoming substance addictions, and some who are physically and mentally disabled.

Visit their website and Facebook page to learn more about how to get involved.

Mercy House

Why I Wrote: Live a Richer Life

The most useful and influential people in America are those who take the deepest interest in institutions that exist for the purpose of making the world better.

- Booker T. Washington

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