Richard Ward

Richard Ward is a financial advisor who holds the CERTIFIED FINANICAL PLANNER TM professional certification with a passion for helping people find their purpose in life. Richard believes that the secret to living life well and leaving a lasting legacy is found by making contributions in our communities that help others prosper.

Richard Ward

The Power of Giving Circles

We may have heard of the term “giving circle” but are not sure just what it is, how it works, why it could be valuable, and why we should care. All good questions, and I believe we’ll find them potentially important sources of filing some of our own personal goals and aspirations. What is it …

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What a Celebration! OneOC 47th Spirit of Volunteerism

What a Celebration! 47th OneOC Spirit of Volunteerism celebrating 3,000+ Orange County volunteers What is the most popular form of philanthropy? You might think of weekly religious contributions or charitable fund drives. But the most popular form of philanthropy is volunteering, done by millions of Americans and which creates equal philanthropic value to the combined …

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Authentic Leadership

What is Authentic Leadership? Some of us pursue opportunities for leadership in our work, our community, and in professional organizations. We enjoy being in charge, setting goals and direction, chairing meetings, and “being the face” of the organization. After all, a certain boost to one’s ego comes from the attention and requests for approval or …

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