What Does Success with Purpose Mean to You?

I have learned over the years that the phrase Success with Purpose has different meanings to different folks. This is a personal thing and what you are passionate about and gives you purpose and fulfillment in life is your choice. What I do know is that I have seen clients, colleagues, and friends choose to

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Who’s Afraid of Retirement? You don’t have to be.

I recently attended a morning event for a local nonprofit, and many in attendance were people without a job (mid-morning is usually a critical time for businesses). No, this wasn’t an event to focus on job skills or workforce development. Rather, it was a celebration event and the people attending were largely retired from their

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6 Fundraising Trends to Watch for in 2024

If your job is to take charge of fundraising for your company or organization, you always want to be ahead of the game. Being aware of trends that can impact your fundraising techniques and goals will help you to excel when it comes to bringing in necessary funds for your company or cause. The playing

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Investing can be Scary

I’m always intrigued when talking for the first time with someone new about investing. So many are so cynical and skeptical about the whole subject. Sometimes that’s because of the many bad experiences their friends or colleagues have shared with them. Other times this is the product of their own losses or disappointments from past

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How to Handle New Philanthropic Requests in the New Year

As philanthropists, we should expect that there will be new requests for donations in the New Year. After all, nonprofit organizations recognize that those of us who give are often more likely to give again than those who have not. There are so many great organizations doing so much to help people learn, grow, and

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Helping Those Less Fortunate During the Holiday Season

While many of us will be sitting down to a nice dinner and exchanging gifts over the holidays, that is not the reality for countless others in Orange County and surrounding areas. Many families are wondering how they are going to put a meal on the table for the holidays, never mind buying gifts to

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