Privileges Come With Responsibilities

Many know I’m on vacation with my fiancée Dita Shemke on her sabbatical to Italy. We arrived Monday at the small town of Cortona in Tuscany where she’ll be “living” for the next two months (I’m here for two weeks and returning home, then going back for the last two weeks of June) staying in

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8 Different Types of Charitable Giving

If you’re thinking of charitable giving, there are several different avenues you can choose to take. Each type of charitable giving can benefit those in need, so it’s really just a matter of finding the best fit for you and your family. As we explore 8 different types of charitable giving, you can determine which

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What a Celebration! OneOC 47th Spirit of Volunteerism

What a Celebration! 47th OneOC Spirit of Volunteerism celebrating 3,000+ Orange County volunteers What is the most popular form of philanthropy? You might think of weekly religious contributions or charitable fund drives. But the most popular form of philanthropy is volunteering, done by millions of Americans and which creates equal philanthropic value to the combined

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Authentic Leadership

What is Authentic Leadership? Some of us pursue opportunities for leadership in our work, our community, and in professional organizations. We enjoy being in charge, setting goals and direction, chairing meetings, and “being the face” of the organization. After all, a certain boost to one’s ego comes from the attention and requests for approval or

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Contagious Energy Filled the Room

Reflecting on my Living a Richer Life Celebration event held last month, I am filled with gratitude for all of my wonderful friends that came together to celebrate the generosity of one another. Good things happen when you get good people together!. This is the best way I can summarize the launch event for Living

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Living a Richer Life and Professionals

Some may ask, “How will my intention to live a richer life impact me as a professional? The answer to this is found when you consider some of the most significant challenges that professionals deal with day in and day out. Let’s consider these challenges and how living a richer life will address them. Challenge

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