The Power of Giving Circles

We may have heard of the term “giving circle” but are not sure just what it is, how it works, why it could be valuable, and why we should care. All good questions, and I believe we’ll find them potentially important sources of filing some of our own personal goals and aspirations. What is it

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Nominating a Nonprofit for a Grant

So, you want to nominate your favorite nonprofit organization for a grant – wonderful! All organizations can use champions, so it is terrific that you wish to be one for your cause and charity. But how can you boost the chances that your nonprofit will actually receive the grant, particularly when there are competitors seeking

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A Better Future – The Power of Giving

My mission is to help more people live richer lives. I repeat this phrase over and over to anyone and everyone who will listen. I share it at networking events. I use it when introducing myself to someone, or to a social group. I use it so often because, at this point in my life,

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Privileges Come With Responsibilities

Many know I’m on vacation with my fiancée Dita Shemke on her sabbatical to Italy. We arrived Monday at the small town of Cortona in Tuscany where she’ll be “living” for the next two months (I’m here for two weeks and returning home, then going back for the last two weeks of June) staying in

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8 Different Types of Charitable Giving

If you’re thinking of charitable giving, there are several different avenues you can choose to take. Each type of charitable giving can benefit those in need, so it’s really just a matter of finding the best fit for you and your family. As we explore 8 different types of charitable giving, you can determine which

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What a Celebration! OneOC 47th Spirit of Volunteerism

What a Celebration! 47th OneOC Spirit of Volunteerism celebrating 3,000+ Orange County volunteers What is the most popular form of philanthropy? You might think of weekly religious contributions or charitable fund drives. But the most popular form of philanthropy is volunteering, done by millions of Americans and which creates equal philanthropic value to the combined

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