How to incorporate philanthropy into your business

While your profits and your employees may be your top priorities when you’re a business owner, philanthropy should be right up there with them. Incorporating philanthropy into your business plan can be very beneficial. Besides the obvious of doing good and helping others in your community, philanthropy also helps to build employee morale. When employees

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How to Find Your Purpose in Retirement

For years and years, you got up every morning, went to work, and had a purpose. You had something specific to do each day. But, even if you loved your job and it gave you a reason to wake up every day, you’ve probably daydreamed about retirement. The truth is, very few people are actually

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How to have a great marriage in retirement

When you envision your retirement, you probably think about all the blissful times that you’ll get to spend with your spouse. After all, you now have all the time in the world to spend together and do whatever you want, whenever you want. While this can certainly be a happy time, the extra time together

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How to Pick the Best Place to Retire

Retirement is a major life change. For many people it means not only quitting a job they may have been doing (and loved) for years, but also facing many other large decisions as well. Downsizing living arrangements is one big decision that many retirees make, and sometimes they might even decide to move to locations

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How to Leave a Legacy for Your Family

What comes to mind when you think about leaving a legacy for your family? Is it an inheritance? Family heirlooms? Or long passed down stories from previous generations? As a parent, you will pass on an inheritance of some kind to your kids and grandkids. But the type of inheritance, though, depends on you. As

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5 Fantastic Benefits of Multigenerational Philanthropic Giving

When you think about philanthropic giving, you may think about older adults sharing their time, money, and talent. But, philanthropy doesn’t need to be nor should it be something that can only pertain to our older generations. On the contrary, philanthropy is something that people of all ages can take part in, and it’s a

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