Why You Shouldn’t Retire Without a Purpose

After the 9-5 daily grind for decades, the thought of retirement is one that brings a smile to many people’s faces. Retirement means there’s no longer a need to set an alarm, report to a boss, and work for a good portion of your day. You now have the time to do whatever you want,

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Giving Children Hope

Organization Spotlight: Giving Children Hope

When families stumble upon hard times, they need to know there is a way to get up and succeed. Organizations like Giving Children Hope help families do just that. Giving Children Hope is a faith-based non-profit group that’s mission is to help children and families break out of the cycle of need to become successful

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Have You Interviewed Your Prospective Financial Advisor

This certain scenario seems to play out every day across America, and it seems to nearly always create high anxiety and poor decision decisions. The scenario I’m referring to is when one either inherits a significant estate or recognizes that his or her wealth is now at a point where ‘going it alone’ is no

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Why Resilience is the Key to Success for Nonprofit Leaders

Leading a non-profit requires knowledge, experience, passion, compassion and hard work. But then why do so many leaders who apply these principles to their work often burn out? It’s because they’re missing another vital piece…resilience. According to the book “Resilience That Works: Eight Practices for Leadership and Life”, resilience means more than just bouncing back

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The Crazy (and Scary) Market Environment (Part 2)

This title appeared over my blog on March 24, 2020 and I’m using it again a little more than two years later as the S&P 500 Stock Index is down over 21% this year (as of 6/14/22).  A decline of 20% or more is called a “Bear Market”, but losing 18% doesn’t feel much better

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10 Summer Volunteer Opportunities in Orange County, CA

Summer is almost here and that means it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to spend the next few months. While there’s likely to be plenty of time outdoors and time spent visiting family and friends, the summer also lends itself to many volunteer opportunities in Orange County. It’s a great time of

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