Contagious Energy Filled the Room

Reflecting on my Living a Richer Life Celebration event held last month, I am filled with gratitude for all of my wonderful friends that came together to celebrate the generosity of one another.

Good things happen when you get good people together!. This is the best way I can summarize the launch event for Living a Richer Life.

While the event was focused on celebrating the 30 individuals who shared their personal stories of purpose and impact for my recently published book Living a Richer Life: True Stories of Lasting Impact, many others who hadn’t yet shared such a story were also in attendance. But everyone there shared the same, generous, and purpose-driven spirit that is central to living this richer life and making a significant impact on our community and the world and the conversation and energy in the room was electric.

For me, the experience of being surrounded by 40 incredible people that I’ve come to know over the past many years (and some only quite recently), reveling in the accomplishments of each other and learning how they could connect with new acquaintances was amazing.

Story contributors Charles Antis, Ali Woodard, and Matt O’Connell answered Patti Larson’s questions about their experiences and how they had changed the direction of their lives during the panel discussion. Guests listened attentively and asked great questions to learn more about these leaders’ pathways and their future plans. It was clear to me that we learn and are inspired by one another’s story of how they are making an impact in our world. 

I am excited to play my part to grow this amazing community of people and further its impact. I’m proud to launch the Success with Purpose Community and Giving Circle and look forward to its continued growth of generous,

community-spirited leaders. Our quarterly events (next being June 7) will focus on sharing more individual stories and the selection of one outstanding local nonprofit for a grant. Members of our community are asked to pledge $100 per quarter to fund this quarterly grant and grow our impact. I can’t wait to see the growth and growing impact of the Success with Purpose Community over the months ahead.

If you desire to join amazing leaders in our Success with Purpose community celebrating one another and local nonprofits, please learn more at

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