How I can Help


If you also believe that helping others is the key to turning your success into real significance, you may wonder what the steps are to achieve this fulfilling future.

Here are the key questions and how I can help:

Determining what you care about, what issue you want to impact, what problem you wish to address it the first consideration. We often get invited to help other’s pet project, but in order to find real fulfillment you need to decide what cause is important enough to keep you involved over the weeks and months ahead.

I can help with exercises to find your values, what you care about, and who you want to help. Once determined, I can help you find organizations addressing the issue and the targets you wish to help.

Do you have time you can donate, skills of real value to organizations, or resources that will help an organization accomplish its mission?

I can help you determine what it is that you can offer that will best help you be successfully engaged with your cause.

I can help you determine how much you can offer without jeopardizing your family’s future.

I can help you exploit the most valuable (tax and income wise) philanthropic strategies to make a greater impact on your finances as well as the organization’s.

You’ll need to decide if you want to be the occasional helper (volunteer), a mentor, a leader (board or advisory council member), or engaged philanthropist. Playing the right role helps you have a more rewarding experience.

I can help you determine the best role for your overall plans and desires.

I can help you find the right place to realize your desired role.

I can help you wisely maximize your philanthropic impact.

Nearly 40 years in financial planning and 10 years focusing on philanthropy have allowed me to learn a great deal about both – financial planning and philanthropic planning. When helping individuals and families, I can help determine what you can afford to give, which assets create the best tax advantages, and which strategies might best help the donor and the nonprofit cause. In coordination with your tax and legal advisor, I can help create the philanthropic plan that will best support your favorite organization while securing your family’s long-run financial future.

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