Living a Richer Life and Professionals

Some may ask, “How will my intention to live a richer life impact me as a professional?

The answer to this is found when you consider some of the most significant challenges that professionals deal with day in and day out. Let’s consider these challenges and how living a richer life will address them.

Challenge #1: Many professionals (attorneys, accountants, wealth advisors, etc.) look nearly identical to their potential clients, making the choice to hire such a professional largely a guessing game. It might be easier for most people to get a list of professionals in a particular discipline and randomly choose the first, fifth, or last name on that list to consult. How does a potential client know how each professional is different from all others in that field? Better put, how do you, as a professional, stand out and apart from your peers? What makes your work different from everyone else competing with you?

When you, as a professional, decide that leading with a purpose that you can clearly articulate and believe in (your keys to a richer life) you will be different than your peers. Potential clients like to know their trusted advisors aren’t just empty suits doing the same thing, the same way, as everyone else they see in the marketplace. Becoming memorable due to your purpose and your cause can generate additional success and help you live a much richer life.

Challenge #2: Many professionals practice and learn their craft well over the years. They are very knowledgeable and skilled at delivering the important and necessary services their clients look to them to provide. However, years of delivering very similar solutions to clients can become very routine and even boring. After all, writing a trust or a will for the 500th time does not usually engender creativity. This routine and boredom can lead to dissatisfaction and disappointment with one’s work, even the longing to find another field in which to make a living. Sometimes it leads to early retirement, ready or not.

When you, as a professional, put meaningful purpose at the center of your work, it no longer is so routine and boring. Sure, the work product may not be much different than before, but you are now delivering it in furtherance of your purpose. You are making a difference in the world as you fulfill your purpose. Working becomes more of a calling than a duty when you are pursing your purpose day in and day out, in fact it may no longer seem like work. Pursuing purpose with determination creates fulfillment, significance, and we can definitely say it produces a much richer life.

When you decide that you want to live a richer life as a professional, pursuing your purpose daily with vigor and determination, business success becomes that much easier and is that much more rewarding. Professionals most definitely can, and should, live a much richer life.

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