How I Can Help


Nearly every nonprofit I’ve run into understands the critical nature of attracting the resources that enable it to complete its mission. They work hard to find grants, corporate sponsorships, and individual donors who understand the importance of their mission. Many, however, do not know how to solicit larger, more complex gifts that will sustain them well into the future.

I understand philanthropic giving concepts and strategies and have been involved with many nonprofit organizations’ operations and fundraising activities for decades, because of this experience, I am often asked by nonprofit leaders for help in extending their fundraising reach.

Here are the key questions I hear and how I can help:

Organizations need to act like a for profit business in their efforts to raise funds.  That means knowing clearly what the mission is, who is served, and how the nonprofit will serve these constituents.  This involves a strategic plan with measurable goals, and the means and resources to accomplish all of this. 

I can help with clarity about the importance of using this approach and can refer the resources of business coaches and services to help develop such a plan.

Many organizations can’t afford to hire several people to focus on specific areas of their fundraising. They therefore count on one individual to handle everything, which can be overwhelming when competing demands collide.

I can help introduce you to executive coaches who can help you better understand your priorities, strengths, and weaknesses, and how to maximize your effectiveness.

In well run organizations, effective board members are “cheer leaders”, ambassadors, and advocates. They share the organization’s mission, goals, plans, and events with their networks to get others involved. They take an interest in actively helping the organization meet its goals, including fundraising.

As a fellow nonprofit board member and leader, I can help by addressing board members in a meeting or event to better understand the importance of helping the organization, particularly with fundraising. I can be the conduit for ideas for outreach to colleagues and friends, and how they can support the Development Director with various fundraising and giving initiatives.

Many organizations do not have the ability to hire experienced “Planned Giving” Officers to discuss these concepts with their key donors. With other fundraising responsibilities, the Development Director may not have the time or the training to be effective. Thus, this significant opportunity remains dormant.

I can help Development Directors approach key donors to review the potential for making major gifts and bequests via planned giving technics. Nearly 40 years in financial planning and 10 years focusing on philanthropy have allowed me to learn a great deal about both – financial planning and philanthropic planning. When helping individuals and families, I can help determine what one can afford to give, which assets create the best tax advantages, and which strategies might best help the donor and the nonprofit cause. In coordination with the donor’s tax and legal advisor, I can help create the philanthropic plan that will best support the organization while securing each family’s long-run financial future.  

I can help approach these donors one at a time, or in group meetings or events where an educational program is offered to help them understand some of the concepts that might be valuable to them.