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Orange County, California is home to many non-profit organizations that are doing good for so many people in a variety of ways. OneOC is one of those groups that is making a positive contribution to its community. Over the years, OneOC has helped companies and non-profits in Orange County reach their fullest potential by providing training services and helping to implement strategies that will aid those in need.


The History of OneOC

The roots of One OC date back to 1958 when it was founded at the Newport Bureau of Volunteerism. This was the Junior League of Orange County’s first community project.

In 2010, the group was rebranded as OneOC. Five years later, OneOC, the Center for Business and Community Partnerships, was formed to help companies build and grow their charitable giving programs and employee volunteering. The goal is to give more nonprofits and companies the tools they need to help more people within the community.

OneOC continues to look for new and innovative ways to continue to help nonprofits and companies reach their fullest potential when it comes to community outreach and volunteering.


OneOC’s Mission

To better understand the work of OneOC, it’s important to know its mission. As OneOC states on its website:

“OneOC’s mission is to accelerate nonprofit success. We are committed to making nonprofits in Orange County as efficient and effective as they are passionate about their missions.

As a Management Services Organization (MSO), OneOC provides solutions and support services to nonprofits and companies, helping them reach their goals, make a greater impact, and engage with their communities. We proudly build bridges between the public and private sectors to make Orange County a better place for us all.”


A Closer Look at OneOC

OneOC provides resources and training to non-profits and companies looking to expand their reach and leave a legacy of giving within their communities. Through training services like seminars, organizational planning, fundraising management, leadership planning, and more, OneOC can help companies and nonprofits reach their goals when it comes to philanthropy.

Besides training, OneOC also offers professional development programs for individuals and organizations who are looking to grow. This includes networking opportunities as well as learning and development experiences. One OC also helps nonprofits recruit volunteers.

Companies that partner with OneOC can take advantage of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) consultants who are available to help design, build, and grow community engagement programs. The goal is to reach more people and have a greater impact.

There is also an opportunity for companies to learn more about employee volunteering and company giving solutions. Employee volunteering can include a variety of options like team-building projects as well as corporate volunteering opportunities. With the help of OneOC, companies can also learn more about starting a foundation and giving cards. The possibilities are endless when companies and nonprofits have the support they need to grow.


How to Get Involved

OneOC helps people connect with the non-profits and causes they care about the most. With updated volunteer opportunities, people can search for the ones that fit their goals and schedule.

OneOC also hosts RSVP Volunteers throughout Orange and San Bernardino Counties non-profit organizations. The goal of this program is to ensure that those most in need get the help that is necessary to succeed.

In addition, people can get involved through OneOC’s Days of Service. By signing up for projects throughout the year, people can make a difference. OneOC also offers AmeriCorps for those who want to make a lasting contribution to the community with a year of national service.

While some people opt to volunteer to get involved, others prefer to donate to help non-profits reach their goals. Donations to OneOC go towards helping these non-profits in the areas of education as well as providing basic needs to those in the community.


Looking Ahead

As OneOC continues to help non-profits and companies reach their goals, it is also looking ahead. The group is currently focusing on the next three-year plan, the 2023 Roadmap, which aims to provide opportunities to expand its mission in the community.

While OneOC has helped countless non-profits and companies over the past 60 years, its work is far from over. With the support and help of volunteers, it can continue to thrive as a resource for those wishing to make a powerful impact in their communities.


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