David Elliott’s Story

David Elliott's Story


Music and Sports have always been at the core of what intrigued me and what I participated in through high school into my college years at the University of Arizona.

A music major first then switching to Health and Coaching. Quite different but later in life it was always about people in either field.

Simple goals coming out of college: teaching and coaching basketball. I was blessed to do both over different periods in my life. Looking back, this along with my music career has definitely shaped what I believe and desire to accomplish today. In all my travels in life it has come down to making a difference in all endeavors. In music it was about performance with others in sharing a message of hope. In teaching it was helping students achieve. In coaching it was about molding a group of young men into a “TEAM” that worked together to achieve a goal of winning. There have been many accomplishments along that way that I have been blessed with but most important the lesson of RELATIONSHIPS and the importance of that.

It was at the age of 52 when I was going through a divorce that I realized that working with people and connecting them was really simply ME. Through my HALFTIME experience over 3 plus years I was developing clarity of who, what and why. It took me over 3 years to develop a mission statement that today is my guiding principles of why and what I do. I am a big believer that we need a purpose/mission statement.

I have been blessed to meet lots of great people over the years especially the past 16 years through my work at Vanguard University and the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce. These past years I have realized and integrated the principles of RELATIONSHIP Building and Connecting. It is FUN

I have been a 30 year plus community member of Orange County. Currently serve as President/CEO of the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce serving the second largest city in Orange County (375,000 people). In 2016, founded the INSTITUTE for Community Impact focused on helping individuals and organizations impact their communities through the (7) Pillars for Influence: Arts and Entertainment, Business, Social Services, Faith community, Education, Government and Healthcare. I partnered with longtime friend Russ Williams (founder of the Passkeys Foundation) and placed the INSTITUTE into the Foundation as its major program.

Before coming to the chamber in summer of 2010 I served as Associate Vice President for University Relations at Vanguard University where I served in several roles for over 15 years.

In addition, I am president of David Elliott & Associates, Inc., a business development consulting firm serving for profit and non profit businesses and organizations. People say that I am known throughout Orange County as a “Relationship Builder and Connector of People”. I like that. My passion is “JUST DO GOOD” and you will make a difference. It is always about the people you are surrounded with that make you successful and significant.

Personal mission: Serving God as a Catalyst and Difference Maker by Building Relationships, Connecting People, Being an Influence for Good.

I hold a BS in Education from University of Arizona (Go CATS!) and a MA in Music from Azusa Pacific University (That’s right)

My core strengths include leadership, business development, marketing, fund development, coaching/mentoring, RELATIONSHIP BUILDING and CONNECTING PEOPLE. All with a common sense approach. “Who knows you and who do you know.”

I enjoy teaching a workshop on “How to Build a Meaningful Relationship Network” and lead (2) groups: the Business Owner’s Advisory Team (BOAT) part of the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce and the Board of Influence group focused on personal and professional growth.

People are the KEY! At the end of the day it is about RELATIONSHIPS


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