Michael Kogutek’s Story

Michael Kogutek's Story

Michael KogutekMy story begins as an undergraduate student at the University of Wiscon-sin-Oshkosh. I came there with a basic understanding that one of my career goals was to make a difference and help other people. I was blessed to take a psychology course with Dr. Gordon Filmer-Bennett. He was a part time instructor and worked as Chief Psychologist at Winnebago State Hospital.

After the first class, I wanted to do what Gordon does. It had in my heart and soul. I changed my major to psychology and never looked back. Gordon mentored me all the way.

I spent 33 years as a psychologist in private practice as well as some part time teaching. I always got up in the morning eager to make a difference. I believe what Kahlil Gibran said in The Prophet: “Work is love made visible.”

I retired in 2012 and felt that it was time for me to give back what gifts that were given to me. I have volunteered at Second Harvest and South County Outreach. Since 2015, I have been involved in volunteer coaching with Executive Coaches of Orange County (ECo-fOC).

Currently I am the Chair of the organization. The mission of helping non-profit managers realize their goals and leadership potential speaks to me. It aligns with my skill set. On top of that, I am having a blast!! This is not about me but about them. My hope is that before I leave this life, I am able to give more than I have taken.

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