Nick Jordan

Nick Jordan's Story

Nick Jordan was born and raised on a farm with his family in County Wexford, Ireland. Upon attending high school at FCJ Order of Nuns in Bunclody, he received his diploma and went on to study English and Education at the University College of Dublin. Later, Nick went on to become a fourth grade teacher for four years where he developed a passion for shaping young minds and creating positive impact. In 1986, he left home and immigrated to the United States. Nick wanted to pursue the American dream of owning his own business while serving the needs of the public.

For the next decade, he worked tirelessly to become a real estate broker and build his own company. While doing so, Nick was able to raise funding to build four schools in Uganda. During his visit to Uganda in 2008, he quickly realized the devastation caused by the lack of clean water. Everywhere he went, he saw the needless suffering of the rural Ugandan’s, especially the mothers and daughters. He felt compelled to do something to alleviate
the suffering of millions of people. Upon his return to California, Nick Jordan established the nonprofit organization called Wells of Life in 2009, dedicated to providing rural Ugandan’s access to safe, clean water through the installation or restoration of sustainable borehole water wells. This experience is what influenced Nick to set a goal of bringing clean water to 1 million people by building and restoring 1,000 wells.

As the organization grew, Nick along with the board of directors and the Ugandan staff, established the Healthy Village Program, teaching WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) educational programs to train each community about the importance of playing a role in sustaining the water sources. The Jesus Film was made a part of this program in an effort to engage the local church leaders to participate and lead with the gospel message, answering the prayers of many suffering by delivering clean water in Jesus’s name.

In September 2020, the Italian Catholic Federation named Nick as the 50th recipient of their Pope Saint John XXIII humanitarian award – their highest recognition to a lay person of any denomination who exemplifies humanitarian service to society. Today, in 2023, Wells of Life has exceeded that initial goal with the funding of over 1,100 wells, bringing water to over 1 million people. Wells of Life has expanded with a team in both Ireland and a full staff in Uganda to continue this great work.

It is with courage, tenacity, and a close relationship with God that Nick has continued to follow the path to serve others. Today, the global water crisis affects 785 million people who lack basic access to clean and safe water. Nick is a firm believer that every drop matters and every second counts. And with one donation from an individual, family, school, church, or business, we can work together to end this crisis as we know it.

For information on Nick and how you can help in his determination to give the gift of clean water, email him at

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