Stephanie Courtillier’s Story

Stephanie Courtillier's Story

Stephanie CourtillierI’m a workaholic, ambitious, driven individual living the crazy, chaotic entrepreneur life. You know, the one where you have a million ideas in your head, build on too many of them at a time, and then either get bored with or over analyze your ideas with little to no results to show for it. Or, finally get the business off the ground, and hit the next roadblock. The same vicious cycle, over and over again.

I eventually hit burnout mode (multiple times) and started questioning everything about myself. Why couldn’t I just be like everyone else? The worst part was that to everyone on the outside, I actually appeared “successful” – I held a good job, was a supportive friend, and was always motivating others towards their dreams. Yet on the inside, I was frustrated, tired, and saw no clear path to fulfill my own potential.

It was only when I began focusing on my passions and strengths that I began to hone in on my true calling – and see tremendous results in my business. I created and tested systems, read and studied books from experts, networked constantly, and pushed myself outside of my own comfort zone. If I was able to overcome my biggest obstacles and find my own unique success, so can you.

Integrous Women is the result of years of thoughts, ideas, conversations, training, experiences, and dreams. I wanted to create a home for all women currently traveling the journey of entrepreneurship, and provide them with the support and resources to live their best lives.

My personal mission statement is to use my love and passion to inspire and empower others to become integrous leaders who take action towards their dreams. I want to show women that it is possible to live your passions and create your unique impact in this world, all with integrity.

Integrous Women is a social enterprise on a mission to empower women entrepreneurs to leave a legacy with integrity through personal development, creating and scaling a business with a mission and giving forward. Those 3 pillars are what we identify as the journey of life. We specialize in women empowerment.

Our Giving Forward model of impact is truly unique, in that for every member we have and every paid workshop we put on, a portion of all of our proceeds goes towards the building of women empowerment programs for the young children of our partner orphanage, Esperanza y Futuro, in Guatemala.

As an organization, community and really a movement, we are most proud of the hope and inspiration we are bringing to women around the world. Sometimes, all it takes is someone who believes in you. We are that individual and that community that is the catalyst for positive impact.

My greatest wish is for the women we serve to leverage our community and resources, step into their greatness, and leave a unique impact in this world.

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