Wendy Hooper Ross’s Story

Wendy Hooper Ross's Story

Wendy Hooper Ross

Wendy Hooper Ross knows a lot about the value of health and life. Years of childhood disease caused extensive damage to her heart. Her chronic symptoms of fatigue, seizures, and fainting went misdiagnosed for many years. After a decade of vigilant advocacy for her healthcare, her rare cardiac condition was finally properly diagnosed. Her first pacemaker was implanted in 2000 and she hasn’t slowed down since.

Understanding that she had escaped death on multiple occasions, Wendy was not going to let anyone less vocal about their health needs miss getting proper treatment. She has dedicated time over the years as a volunteer “survivor” speaker for the American Heart Association, highlighting the need to persist when we know we are unwell, demanding physicians listen.

And as friends and loved ones struggled with cancer, she became increasingly involved with cancer-related fundraising. Her other favorite charities include those associated with veterans and providing services for their families. She knows that if we don’t have our health and a safe place for our families to live, we have nothing.

Wendy has built a thriving completely referral-based real estate practice where, beyond always knowing the intricacies of the local market, she takes this same advocate approach with her clients. Every single-family is unique. They all have individual needs for any place they’ll eventually call home and she makes it her mission to understand what that means for them.

It is not surprising that many of Wendy’s clients are also natural philanthropists who believe we share a responsibility to give what we can, when we can, for the betterment of all.

As often as Wendy speaks up for those in need, she’s equally as often promoting the talents of her professional associates whom she values and admires, like Richard Ward. She knows that together we can achieve more.

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