The Power of Giving Circles

We may have heard of the term “giving circle” but are not sure just what it is, how it works, why it could be valuable, and why we should care. All good questions, and I believe we’ll find them potentially important sources of filing some of our own personal goals and aspirations.

What is it and how do I get Involved:

First, a giving circle is merely a group of like-minded people who have decided to pool their resources for the purpose of making grants to 501(c) (3) nonprofit organizations. The members will decide how often and how much to individually contribute, where funds will be held, and which nonprofits will receive the grants that the group wishes to fund. Some circles may simply meet, decide on the grant recipient, and ask each member to write a check right there to the grantee. Others may collect the funds over time before deciding on which organization to grant and write one check to that nonprofit.

What are the benefits:

The value of this approach to philanthropic giving may be severalfold. First, while each member may contribute a small amount, the combined gifts allow the group to make a significant-sized grant which helps the nonprofit accomplish its mission. For those of modest means, the giving circle is the right vehicle for contributing to important causes when they otherwise could not make a large gift on their own. Just as importantly, group members share a bond of care and compassion when they work together to make an important grant and strengthen relationships with one another. This builds community and connection as members come together with common interests, common priorities, and common causes. A giving circle builds community and allows each of us to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, something important and valuable to our local nonprofits.

Why Should I Care:

Giving is contagious. Giving circles can be both the entry point for personal philanthropy as well as another means for experienced contributors to further support those in need while building relationships with like-minded individuals. By sharing our personal experiences with others, we will find even more communities to align with and more friends and family that want to support these same causes. Giving to help others is the very definition of generosity, and studies show that the generous are happier, healthier, and live longer than those who are not. A giving circle is a great way to fulfill our personal purpose and build relationships with others that care as much as we do.

The Success with Purpose Community Giving Circle:

I am pleased to share that the Success with Purpose Community has created a giving circle open for anyone to join that has a passion for giving back to Orange County nonprofits. Our community has recently created its own giving circle. Members pledge $100 per quarter using an online giving platform Success with Purpose | Grapevine. Members nominate organizations for our quarterly grant, and three will be selected to present their mission to a group of 50+ attendees of our quarterly Success with Purpose event. Giving Circle members will vote that evening for the nonprofit of their choice and the winner will be awarded a check for their organization. At our June 7th event, the group awarded its first

Success with Purpose grant in the amount of $3,310 to Uplift Yoga Foundation. Only time will tell which other organizations win grants as well as how much our generous community will award each quarter. Join our Giving Circle Success with Purpose | Grapevine now and Join us on September 12th to celebrate with friends the amazing work professionals and nonprofits are doing in Orange County.

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