What Does Success with Purpose Mean to You?

I have learned over the years that the phrase Success with Purpose has different meanings to different folks. This is a personal thing and what you are passionate about and gives you purpose and fulfillment in life is your choice.
What I do know is that I have seen clients, colleagues, and friends choose to give to others and make their lives about more than themselves and the rewards are plentiful and the fulfillment goes both ways.

At our last event, so many of you shared what Success with Purpose means to you, and reflecting on your thoughtful responses filled my heart and I wanted to share them with you.

Giving back to community and freedom to take care of myself and others. When I get up in the morning, what makes me hit the ground running? Having a positive impact on someone besides yourself. Understanding your “why”.
Bringing joy to others and sharing what I have with like-minded people. Seamless integration of professional and personal life with something bigger than myself. Help others find joy every day. Collaboration and balance.
Goal oriented. A reason for why success is done, as opposed to following culture and social norms. Purpose is underlying success. Being in action towards a goal that drives you. Feeling your effort was worthwhile.
Equipping my children with tools to give them skills, principles, give, spend, save, and helping others – children should stand on their own two feet and can do their own thing. Giving people a chance to have a better life – wheelchairs. Handled all necessities, provide options for others. Inspiring young people and helping community.
To know that one person has breathed easier because I have lived – give, love, serve. Satisfied with organizations that matter to me. Vision and setting goals and putting them into action. To give everyone who wants to be heard a voice, and everyone who wants a place a seat at the table.
Following your passion with action. Doing more than opening wallet. Improving lives of children through education. Servant leadership.
To lead life with love. Lead with kindness. Kids are the future, believe in them. “The purpose of life is a life with purpose”.
Make a difference in individuals’ lives. Mindful in the present. Freedom to create the life you want for yourself and others. It’s about how you influence people in your life every day. What kind of impact can you have on peoples’ life every day. Time is precious.
Clarity around my life’s purpose that aligns with everything I do in my life. Achieving one’s goals and objectives in a way that aligns with their values (provided by ChatGPT). Fulfilment that exceeds effort. Success with purpose for every person.
To be a better husband and father, wife, mother. Connection – everybody wants to be loved. Living your values. Relationships.
Doing God’s will in our lives. Living in Italy for the rest of my life (guess who?). Success is in my grasp; purpose is my reach. Success is legacy; purpose is the reason for legacy.
Success is what I achieve, purpose is how I help others achieve. Success is showing up, purpose is my presence. Life purpose. Individualized.
A divine origin and outcome. Intentionality. Not egocentric – part of a bigger picture: “cog, not the wheel”. Goals beyond one lifetime.

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