Why You Shouldn’t Retire Without a Purpose

After the 9-5 daily grind for decades, the thought of retirement is one that brings a smile to many people’s faces. Retirement means there’s no longer a need to set an alarm, report to a boss, and work for a good portion of your day. You now have the time to do whatever you want, whenever you want.

Although this sounds like a dream come true, many people find themselves unhappy in retirement and lost because they retire with no direction. Retirement should be thought about as a transition that a person is going through from one phase of life to another…a phase that still needs direction.

What happens when you retire without a purpose? We’re going to take a look at some of the perils retirees face and how you can avoid them after you clock in for the last time.

The Importance of Finding Direction in Retirement

Minimize the Risk of Feeling Empty

Think about it. Until the day you retired, you had somewhere to go every day and a set task. With retirement, all of that no longer exists. This can lead many people to feel empty.

This is why finding a new purpose is so vital. If you have a new place to go or a new set of activities to do, you can minimize the chance of feeling lost and empty. While hobbies like swimming, walking, and crafting, can take up time, they won’t leave you with a purpose. Finding your purpose in retirement is determining what’s next for your life and doing it.

Think About Your Plans & Finances

As you search for your purpose during retirement, it’s important to think about how your finances play a role. You will be in a better position to explore your new purpose if your finances are stable. Look to see how much consistent and predictable income you can generate from your assets. This will give you the freedom to explore your new purpose in retirement.

Sharpen Your Mind

If you retire without a purpose you run the risk of cognitive decline. Researchers in the U.K. found that a lack of regular mental stimulation can lead to memory loss and dementia. This is why it’s important to stimulate the mind and find a new skill to keep your brain sharp. Retiring with a purpose will help to keep the wheels constantly turning so that you can avoid losing mental stimulation.

Decrease Depression

When people feel as though they don’t have a purpose, they can begin to feel depressed which is another reason why you shouldn’t retire without first having a purpose. Doing so can lead to depression and other health problems.
Know the Difference Between Being Busy and Fulfilled with a Purpose
Many retirees may say they are busy but are they fulfilled? They may be busy helping out with the grandkids and their gardens, but are they fulfilled? Those things may be satisfying in the short term, but may do nothing for finding their purpose after retirement. Knowing the difference between the two will save you time and frustration.

How to Find Your Purpose During Retirement

Finding your unique purpose during retirement is easy if you have a plan. Having a purpose helps to make you feel fulfilled and bring you a sense of peace. Here are some ways to help find your purpose during retirement:

Make a list of the things you enjoy and that you’ve always wanted to do. This can lead you to your purpose. As you look at the things on your list, they may trigger an idea that can lead you to your new purpose.

Study and learn something new. Chances are you may have never had time to learn something new. Take the time to do it now. It may lead you to your purpose during retirement.

Set new goals and work towards them. This is an excellent way to find a new purpose. If you have goals you want to achieve, you’ll likely find your purpose.

Mentor, teach, or volunteer. By doing any of these three things, you can feel fulfilled during retirement. They can help you find a purpose by knowing you are helping others and that they count on you.

Be open to new ideas and adventures. Finding your purpose may be a case of being open to new ideas. These new ideas can lead you to the path you should be on right now. Do not be afraid of something new because amazing things can be behind that door.

The Bottom Line

Without purpose, many retirees just waste valuable time that they could be using contributing to society and helping to fulfill their own lives. Before retirement, it is important to take inventory of your life and your goals. Look at where you are and where you want to go so that you can find a purpose that makes retirement the best time of your life.

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